Re: GAL replication between two forests

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  • Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 15:19:01 +0100

Hi Gopi

Check the Microsoft MetaDirectory service. I think this should solve your
problems. It allows two completely separate AD Forests to co-exist and
replicate between each other. Note that I have deliberately not said
migration as this isn't possible at the present time unless anyone knows
different. Whilst I am no advocate of Novell E-Directory\NDS the abilty to
merge trees has been around for eons so I suspect it may appear in AD sooner
or later. The MS web site is;EN-US;MMS

I'm afraid I have no idea of cost a I have never had cause to use it. I
supect this is a product that we will get to see more and more of as more
and more users adopt AD.

Hope that helps.


Paul Lemonidis.

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Subject: [exchangelist] GAL replication between two forests

> Hi,
>      I'm using E2K with SP3 on W2K. We have acquired a company which is
> using E2K with SP3 on W2K. I've done the two way trust between the two
> domains.
>  I want to have the GAL between two exchange servers to be replicated. How
> can I do this ? Could somebody please let me know how to do this or can
> me any docs or links to any websites.
> Thanks in advance
> Gopi Krishna N
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