[ExchangeList] Re: GAL display name

  • From: "Mathieu CHATEAU" <gollum123@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2007 08:37:54 +0100

GAL display namehello,
are you using Outlook 2003 ?
If so, the GAL is downloaded at the startup of Outlook, and then every 24H only.

Fire RUS Update, rebuild manually the offline folder, replicate it through the 
public folder if many exchange server,
and then start Outlook.

You are really catching it from the GAL, isn't it ? Or you may be using the 
autocomplete feature ? If so, only type the firsts letters, select it with the 
arrows on the keyboard, and press "del" on the keyboard to remove this 
autocomplete entry.

Did you check ALL tabs in the account ?


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  From: Dee Arnold 
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  Subject: [ExchangeList] GAL display name

  I have a user who used to use the account "Temp.Receptionist"
  I changed her account to "Jane.Doe"
  It display's "Jane.Doe <Temp.Receptionist>" when you pull her up in the GAL
  I've changed every reference in her account and cannot locate where this old 
name is still presiding. Any suggestions? 

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