RE: GAL Controversy

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  • Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 14:37:00 -0400

This is straight from the GAL, and the last change I made to this group 
happened over a month ago.  I hope the propogation time isn't one month!  I 
just "REBUILT" and "UPDATED" the GAL through System Manager, so hopefully this 
will take care of the problem.  If not, any other suggestions?

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I know that you have probably thought of this, but if you are not using
Outlook to send mail to the list you will need to make sure that you do
not have a local distribution list on your computer named "Human
Resources" as well as a global exchange group named "Human Resources".
For instance, Eudora has caused us grief here for that same problem.


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From: Joel Mansford [mailto:Joel.Mansford@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Have you recently changed the members of the group?  I've spent a fair
amount of time chasing my tail with similar problems which have been
down to the lag between changing the Active Directory and the exchange
database updating.

I usually make a change and wait 30mins to an hour to see if it worked.
Maybe someone on here can tell me what the propogation time is, I don't
use the ADC as I'm running Exchange2k in a native domain.

Also, have you tried changing the group membership from within Outlook?


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From: Brandon F. Lockhart [mailto:blockhart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [exchangelist] GAL Controversy - Re-Vamped!

        I have a Universal Security group named "Human Resources".  When
I view the members of the group, I specifically see "John Doe".  When I
send an e-mail to the "Human Resources" mail-enabled group, "John Doe"
does not receive the message.  When I go to "To:" and select the group,
and view the group's properties, "John Doe" does not show up.  Any
suggestions?  Exchange 2000 SP2.

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