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  • From: "Troy Armour" <troy@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2003 15:23:38 +0100

hi everyone

i have a big task on and i'm wondering can anyone point me in the right 

i have a public folder i call TQM where users post daily tasks they have 
completed on different jobs-they are posted under customer / category / job 
number. then the details of the job they have done.  

is it possible to take this further in have it link to a customers public 
folder (with a contacts form) that they can pick the customer from. then in the 
activites tab on the customers form it would show all the posts that are made 
in the TQM folder. 

under the TQM folder at the minute i am able to sort by Customer / category / 
job number....its just they want to be able to pull up the customers details 
when they are reviewing the progree on any of his/her jobs and i cant do this 
at the minute unless they access too different folders.

does anyone have anything similar in operation.  it would be a great job if i 
could get it up and working.

this company is also looking to do something similar for employees-where they 
can post into a public folder employee holidays taken or warnings given / 
accidents / lates etc and have the employee field pull from an employee folder 
which when they pull up an employee's details on the activites tab they can see 
any postings for that employee. 


troy armour

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