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Yes the front-end sever will know that you have moved your mailbox. One of
the primary reasons for having a front-end server is to provide a single
access point for your clients. The Front-End server uses active directory to
locate the server that your mailbox resides on and proxies you to that





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Exchange 2003 Standard current SP's and Patches on Windows 2003 Standard SP1
with same.


Current Scenario:


Single front-end server

Single Back-end server


We are migrating to new hardware on the back-end, during this process I will
be taking my time and testing throughout. In the first Phase of deployment of
the new exchange server, I will move five mailboxes including my own to the
new server (The "Eat your own dog food" applies here). My question is: Will
the front-end server know that these five mailboxes no longer exist on the
old server and re-direct to the new server? I think it will with the DSAccess
service, but haven't done this and want to see what others have experienced.
Since I will do this slowly and in Phase's, I want to make sure that OWA will
still function during the migration. During the migration we will end up with
a single front-end server and two back-end servers in the same routing group.
This will disappear in the midterm and we will end up back in a single
front-end and single back-end topology. I've read the "Front-End and Back-End
Server topology Guide for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003" and it's a little
vague on this scenario. Any input would be appreciated!  


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