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  • Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 11:34:43 +0700

Messagehi mark,
thx for asap answer for me. i know it's horrible thing to use auto responder.
i've already use way like you told me here. delete account1 and just using 
but some our's customer  not care about this, so they  always send to old 
i know this is not have effect to our mail server, but they always say that did 
get email from us (in fact they send to old email address).  i think rules 
wizard is fine too.
but i think i'm better just use signature for make the email changed note. :-)

thx a lot,
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  Hi Hery

  I would not bother, personally I find autoresponders horrible and they really 
piss me off (sorry :-0), what I would do is delete account1 and just add 
account1@xxxxxxx to the Email Address tab of account2@xxxxxxx that way mail 
coming in for account1 will automatically go to account2, and if you reply in 
will use account2@xxxxxxx over time people will stop sending to 
account1@xxxxxxx, if the mail is being delivered to the right person why do you 
need to tell them its changed.

  But, if you really want to do it, you could use the Rules Wizard, but like I 
said many people find the autoresponders horrible things.

  Hope this helps

  Mark Fugatt 
  MCT, MCSE, Microsoft Exchange MVP 
  Pentech Office Solutions Inc 
  Rochester, NY 
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