• From: "Farrukh Anwar" <anwarf@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 12:32:47 +0300

Dear All

I have a root Active Directory domain, an account domain as a different tree in 
the forest. I have an NT resource domain, where all Exchange 5.5 server 
resides, evenly distributed in three Exchange sites.

Recently I started to upgrade Exchagne 5.5 to 2000, I did the followin steps

create an account in root domain with Enterprise Admin, Schmea Admin, Domain 
Admins priviledge.

gave above account Admin permission on Exchange 5.5 organization, Site & 
Configuration container.

run the forstprep command from the root domain controller, loggin with the 
above account created, pointing to an Exchange 5.5 server in one of the 
Exchange 5.5 site and left over week end to replicate the new objects across 
the forest.

things went fine.

I run the domainprep in one of the account Active directory domain where I am 
planning to install E2K.nd left over week end to replicate the new objects 
across the forest.

things went fine.

I login to the member server with the account created above.

started Exchange 2000 setup, but strangely it didn't ask me which site I should 
join, instead it created everything default, like First Admin Group, First 
Routing Group.

thinking there might have problem with forestprep command, I remove the 
organization and exchange 2000 server with update /removeorg switch from SP3 CD 
of Exchange 2000.

again when I am trying to run forestprep, it is going very fast and not 
updating the configuration partition of AD with the Exchange 5.5 information.

when I try to install Exchange again, it is repeating the same above steps, 
every thing new.

Is there anyone who faced the same issues before.

Farrukh Anwar

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