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To quote Ed Crowley there are rarely technological solutions for behavioral problems.

Having said that, I know you're going to try anyway.  So.  The first thing is to full yunderstand the business requirements.  I suspect what you really need is the ability to audit the procedures that you have outlined.  This should be easy enough to accomplish, but you're going to need a third party solution or some custom coding on your own to accomplish it.

You could alternately look at developing a VBA plug-in for Outlook that prompts the users for a category when they open a message.  Or when it arrives.  or some other arbitrary time, like when it gets marked as read.

Just some thoughts.  I'd still point you back to the first line in this message as the most pertinent.


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Talisma may be able to do it.
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Dear All-
We are running exchange 2003 with outlook 2003 client. Our requirement is, if any mail arrives to user , he /she should label the mails ( mandatory) and give a timeline to reply that mail, and if the mail is not replied after that time a report is generated and sent to the management. and if user does not label a mail or miss to label , the report should be generated an sent to the management.. Crux is the management need to know if mail received has been answered or not. Can this be accomiplished by outlook itself.. or we need third party software .. Please suggest

Shamshad Ahmad

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