For utilising ISA, is Mac address cloning an option?

  • From: "mcp-mario" <mjakarel@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2004 06:38:56 -0600

Current situation:
adsl light by kpn.
Ethernetmodem config: 
Thomson 510,
No DNS-config, no DHCP-config.
Software install. from cd for only 1 machine using the ethernet modem.
Ethernet modem connected to wan-router.
WAN-Router connected to 1 Switch and 1 Hub.

Connected to Switch at 10-100Mb/s
Local domain:
DC config: 192.168.X.X subnet mask 255.255.X.X
Prim. dns: addres of router
Altern. dns: address of DC1
Gateway: address of Router
Wins: address of DC1
DC1 is dhcp-server1, router is DHCP-server2.
Config WS:
prim. dns: address router.
Altern. dns: address DC1
Gateway: address router
Wins: address DC1
DC1 configured with local AD-domain mydomain.local, with WS configured in
that domain.
DC1 as Exch.2000 server, configured in DNS, works fine only locally.
Due to restrictions of ISP i cannot utilize ISA in a regular manner.
Because ISA restrict all domain communication from WS to the Internet
strictly through the by ISA re-configured DC1 as a gateway.
Connected to Hub: WS at 10Mb/s.
Is mac address cloning on the router an option to use with ISA to keep the
domain operational?
How should i proceed?

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