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  • Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 04:35:57 -0700 (PDT)

dear andrew,
thanks for your reply.
1. my company has no network at all in USA or UK, there is 4 people sits in 
there home and connected to the internet. so there is no any network at all, 
they are people who travle to out side.
2. My current exchange mail is not out sourced by another company, its hosted 
there and i am using here locally in my company which is located in Saudi 
arabia, Normal server exchange server 2000 enterprise edition, and installed on 
it POP3 Downloader to get all the E-mails from hosting company and distributed 
them back to internal.
3. you understand me wronge, i was trying to tell you what is my plan, i am 
sure  i am understanding what i will do .

4. i purchased already one server and i purchased also one exchange server 2000 
enterprise edition  and i got also 1 ISA SERVER 2000 ENTERPRISE EDITION , AND I 



untill now, i am understand what is going on, but due to some problems with my 
understanding with ISA server - because i did not work with ISA in Deepway- i 
am haveing 2 choice :-


1. the First choice is using ( FE & BE). and the front end will be the server 
who is running exchange server 2000 enterprise editon with Real IP-Address , 
but without holding any Data mailboxes for the user, while the back end , will 
be normal server installed on exchange server and have all the users mailboxs, 
with internal IP-Address.


2. the second solution is, using the current exchange server, which is 
installed on it exchange server 2000, but i will use the Publishing Roles in 
ISA server to puplish this server to out-side.


i Prefear to work with the second solution , so can you give me your feedback 
regarding this solution.


i am so sorry if i am explain too much information, but really i am trying to 
help me self, reading and read the resource kits of exchange & ISA server , and 
asking the expert here in this list.


so , please accept my applogize for that.


best reagrds,



Andrew English <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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Let me get this straight;


   Your company has a network in both the USA and UK which it hosts to (being 
the UK one from what I gather)
   Your current Exchange mail has been out sourced to another company called 
   You have an ISA 200 Server in your network which is using dial-up to connect 
your 25 users (56k into 25.. yikes!)
   You external DNS is


Then you start talking about the ideal situation; what you plan to do with your 
MX table on your external DNS, blah blah, honestly you should already know what 
to do and be confident in doing it without telling us, if you don?t know ask 
but don?t give a long ideal situation story. J


Regarding the OWA part, now that we know you out source your email to another 
company, you will need to purchase a server, Windows 2000 Server, Advanced or 
Standard depending on your scenario and hardware needs, you will need also 
purchase Exchange Server 2000 Standard or Enterprise; again depending on your 
needs and configure it accordingly. 


Now as far as the IP thing, you shouldn?t be worrying about assigning your 
Exchange server an external IP address unless you plan to run two Exchange 
servers; FE and BE (Front End and Back End); The Front End generally sits on 
the DMZ of your ISA box while the back end sits behind it, but if you are using 
just one Exchange server I think it would be best to put behind your ISA server 
and level ISA do the bulk of the work. 


To answer your IIS and OWA question. You can?t run Exchange without having IIS 
installed. OWA is just a built-in component of Exchange that gets installed 
into the default website under IIS. How it gets connected to the net it up to 
you and how you configure your ISA server.







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