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Using outlook, you should be able to go Tools, Rules Wizard and in the
bottom right corner there is an Options button. Click it to update the
server with your rules.

Hope this helps

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Anyone know of a way to make the client-based rules work as server-based
rules?  For example, I have a rule setup that is supposed to forward
anything from "John Doe" to my pager.  The only way I can get it to work
is if I have my Outlook client open.  I would prefer it to work whether
my client is open or not.  

My second question is that I can't get a certain rule to work.  There
are several of us who want anything marked High Important to be
forwarded to our pager's email address.  I can't seem to get it to work.
My rule looks like this: Apply this rule after the message arrives when
my name is in the TO box and marked as high importance forward it to
Eric's Pager (4081234567.111111@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

Any ideas?


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