FW: Unable to Create new user id and mailid takes too much time

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  • Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 20:26:14 +0530

Its urgent

We have a live setup of about 60 users running on Windows 2000 server sp4 with 
exchange server 2000 sp3. 

I am facing problem with my server as im trying to create new user and mail id 
for one of my new user. It takes too much 
time, Last time when i created new id it took almost almost 6 days to create 
the same.

This time i tried to create another user id on 5th of nov. It shows me user id 
in AD users and computers. but it doesn't showing mail id for the same user and 
i m unable to logon using the same user-id.

Now on 8th Nov. I tried to install win 2000 sp4 and exchange 2000 sp3, both  
installed without any problem one by one. After this updation i start receiving 
error when I tried to logon using new id  in Application log the error is: -

Event Id--9562, Source--MSExchangeIS, Category--General
Description: -

Failed to read attribute msExchUserAccountControl from Active Directory for 
/o=Premier-exploration/ou=First Administrative 

and the second error is

Event Id--1022, Source--MSExchangeIS mailbox, Category--logons

Description: -
Logon Failure on database "First Storage Group\Mailbox Store (DELHI02)" - 
Windows 2000 account PREMIER-EXPLORA\mlcoordinator; mailbox 
/o=Premier-exploration/ou=First Administrative 
Error: -2147467259 

Any clue

Please let me know what steps should i take to solve this problem. Its  really 


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