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Here is my partially solution, Let me know what you think. Please give
some thought of my questions in the Email. 




1)    Register the new domain name ABC.com and delegate the new domain
zone to the existing DNS server in A and B. The DNS server could be the
existing external and internal DNS server. 

2)    Add a new MX record to reflect the new domain name in the DNS
servers mentioned above.

3)    Use header.exe utility to create CSV header file with 

*     Obj-Class

*     Directory Name

*     E-mail Addresses

*     Secondary-Proxy-Addresses

4)    Use the head file and use Exchange Admin Tool to export all
mailboxes to the head file xxx.CSV

5)    Use Microsoft Excel working on the xxx.CSV file, open the xxx.CSV

6)    In the Secondary-Proxy-Address field, add the new xxx.xxxx@xxxxxxx
for all mailboxes. (Note: need to automate the process)

7)    Remove the E-Mail Addresses column, so there only Obj-Class,
DirectoryName, and Secondary-Proxy-Addresses columns in the header file.

8)    Save the header file and keep the format.

9)    Import the header file xxx.CSV into the Exchange Server Directory.
This should add the secondary-proxy-address to all users which have both
primary and secondary SMTP addresses.

10)   Repeat step 3 to step 9 on every Exchange site.

11)   Use the Exchange Server Administrator program and open the
properties for the Internet Mail Service. On the Routing tab, if the
Internal Mail Service is configured to reroute SMTP, verify the ABC.com
and the A.com or B.com are listed there. If they are not there, add them
in there.




1)    Does the solution work for resolving the issue in a multiple
Exchange organization and sites environment?

2)    Is there any missing in the solution?

3)    Do we need a powerful IMS server (or server farm) to route all
Email with the new ABC.com for 500K users in A and B? If yes, do have
any existing document address IMS server farm configuration?

4)    Is there any utility or scripts which can be used to automate the
creation of the head file xxx.CSV?


Regard, -LiMing


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