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The problem with this is that you have to reassign permissions every time
and also you get a duplicate contact list in the address list.  Users also
have to set this up to show in their address list every time it is updated.
Can any of you think of another way?  Is there actually a way to export to
public folders and I am just looking in the wrong place or going about it in
the wrong way?  Any help would be appreciated!


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As a workaround:

Drag the public folder into a personal mailbox, exporting that, then when
you reimport you can create a new public folder and re-set permissions.

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>Lorie, in your original post, you had the export (or was that import?)
>working, but users were excluded from accessing the contacts database?
>The problem is Outlook will not let you access the public folders during
>the import/export process.
>The workaround that I suggested was to create a copy of the dataset and
>store it in the public folder. On rereading, you cannot access public
>folder? Well, try creating a new database on your system, import the
>data you want into that, then give everyone access to that contacts
>All I'm offering is workarounds.
>I hope that this works. I am building a new exchange server now, so
>later today I will try it.
>Stephen Hartley

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