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This link should provide you with more info:


The Exchange exam can be used as an elective towards your MCSE, if you
get your MCSE and the two Exchange exams you will then be an


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Just curious, does the MCSE require any training on Microsoft's core
collaboration suite, i.e.. Exchange?


George Taylor

Systems Programmer

Regional Health Inc.




From: Ralph Haney [mailto:rhaney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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    Great, thanks for the (simplified) explanation. I'm pleading my case
for EX training but hitting a budgetary wall at present. Prior to the
SP2 install I had to do a couple of off-line defrags before hitting that
notorious Standard Version DB limit -- but I assumed this was normal


(George, I embed the link code instead of the image so the MS logo
doesn't come across as an attachment on some clients. Plus, MS has very
specific rules regarding usage etc. No, I don't "need" to have it in
there but I worked my *ss off for that and have no reservations using


    ~ Ralph



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        Whitespace/free space/unused database space - it's all the same.
The consolidation and reporting of same is a part of normal DB
maintenance, which comprises around a dozen steps.


        Whitespace fluctuates as messages arrive and are deleted and SIS
is broken and deleted item retention takes places and free-space
consolidation works better because of any of the prior steps - etc. etc.


        When available whitespace hits zero - then the database expands.
As long as whitespace is available, the database doesn't expand.


        (Note that the above is a gross oversimplification of the
algorithms involved, but is, in general, accurate.)



        From: Ralph Haney [mailto:rhaney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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            <RANT BLOCK ON>

            Not having formal Exchange (or even messaging training) and
wearing so many IT/operations hats I often don't have time to do
extensive research, may I ask a question on free space?

            Based on your suggestion, I took a look out of curiosity and
my application logs for ID 1221 seem to fluctuate with freespace values
from about a half-gig to only 3-4 MB after an online defrag completes.


            1) I assume this is the normal DB maintenance occurring and
is nothing to be concerned about...?

            2) This is the term "whitespace" that you're referring to?




            <RANT BLOCK OFF>



        Ralph Haney MCSE
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