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I re-read your note look up Q273448 This should solve the problem.

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First question (as I literally JUST went through this and am in the
process of documenting the recovery):
1) Can you access your PDC to be able to transfer the roles for FSMO and
PDC? If so read on:

You have to move the FSMO roles over to another DC. There are two
articles on how to do this:
q255504 & Q255690. I had to use the command line as I could not transfer
via GUI. 

After you have done this if you are able to you will need to run DCPromo
to remove the original PDC from Active Directory. You may also have to
forcible remove it from AD, this is a last resort. After that you will
need to reconnect E2K to the domain.

After the DC is rebuilt, you can leave the organization as is or
transfer the roles back over to the original. 

Let me know if you run into problems, I ran into more than this but it
is a brief summary. I can provide more details if needed.

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Have you moved over the Operations master roles from the failed DC to
new DC? Is the new DC configured as a GC? Check the Operations master
again and try.


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So now that I have that Strange problem with my messages sorted out, I
would like to get back to my problem.

We had a DC fail on the weekend. I know about it, but thought that it
could wait till Monday morning as its one of three DCs in our net. (all
W2K net.)
However no such luck. It the OWA of E2K SP2 stopped working shortly
after the DC fail, and after a restart of the E2K machine, there was a
system attendant error message, all the following Exchange services
failed too, (the Mail storage for example.)
The DC that failed was the first DC I set up in our Domain, but all the
Active Directory services that only run once in a domain, have been
moved to a second newer DC. (Or so I thought).

Does anyone have an Idea how this could be?

The best thing is that the E2K server is also a DC, and It still wanted
another DC...

I got the original DC up and running again, and everything is fine, but
I can't believe that I need only one old DC fail to virtually bring down
my whole net. 

Any Ideas??

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