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Brother Koenig,
       To explain why the meeting took as long as it did....  Elections
were held back until the end of Black Ball because certain candidates
that were brought up, were running for postions.  We were able to get
through the Pledge E-board and Fundraising Chair which are the most
important positions...  I had orginally planned on putting a cap on the
meeting however, by midnight we had only elected a President and a VP.
With that, it was imperative that we establish several positions, and
that is why I allowed the meeting to last so long.  Membership team, a
group of about 10 brothers, and I all stayed until the very end.  I know
that pledges have things to do, however so do we... In conclusion, next
week we have a few positions to elect, which should run more
effectively...  Thanks for your support and concern....
Brother Paul Pinera
Committee Coordinator


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