FW: Browsing Folders, I get "SSL certificate is not valid"

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Thought I would give this another go. :) 


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Hi all,

I set up SSL on our exchange server, using another Win2003 server as the
Certificate Authority, to allow secure access to OWA.
That works correctly.

However, when trying to brows the Folders in ESM I receive the error:

The SSL certificate server name is incorrect.
ID no: c103b404
Exchange System Manager

I looked on the MS KB and found the article:
You receive an SSL Certificate error message when you view public
folders in Exchange System Manager

In the resolution, I am instructed to perform the following steps in
3.      Right-click Exadmin, and then click Properties.
4.      Click the Directory Security tab.
5.      Under Secure Communications, click Edit.

However, the 'Edit' button, and all other buttons, under Secure
Communications are greyed out.

How best would I resolve this issue and allow access to "Folders" in
Should I just start the process again, of configure SSL?

I will be moving to a separate FE server or Citrix implementation so may
just try to remove the requirement for SSL on the exchange server,
Again, how would I do this if I cannot access the "Secure
area in IIS?

As an aside, why is the "Folders" area in ESM so sensitive to the SSL

Any help appreciated,


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