[ExchangeList] Re: FE/BE- cannot access multiple BE servers

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thanks for your two replies. I checked the SP, patches, etc. and all
servers matched.
But your second email below refocused my thoughts on the network and the
firewall in particular, rather than Exchange.  I looked at my firewall
config and found that I had not replicated *everything* from the old,
single BE setup to the new two BE set up.  Once I did that all was ell.

thansk for your pointer,

> -------------------------------------------------------Also try some of
> these suggestions from a Dec thread about someone who had the same
> issue.
> If you have L3 switches, you may want to check your VLANs settings, and
> then have a laptop, and plug it to the same VLAN where the FE server is
> plugged, and see if that works Then try it again using the same laptop
> but from a VLAN where BE servers plugged, then one more time with the
> same laptop from a VLAN where no FE and BE server are plugged.
> The reason I am telling you this, because it sounds like a network
> problem, so I'd suggest that you don't make any changes in your EX
> server to reduce the variables.
> Make sure you have no firewall software, popup blockers, or spy ware
> blocker on the laptop that will be used for testing.
> Hope things work for you

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> Hi,
> This is probably pretty stupid but...
> We recently added a second Exchange server to our network.
> The network now consists of:
> 2 x BE servers
> 1 x FE server in the DMZ
> The two BE servers are in different Sites but the same domain.
> The FE server is in the same Site as the first BE server.
> I can still access user mailboxes on the first BE server from OWA.
> I would like to access user mailboxes on the new BE server, however,
> when I attempt to log in I receive the error:
> "
> You could not be logged on to Outlook Web Access. Make sure your
> domain\user name and password are correct, and then try again.
>  "
> And am returned to the empty login prompt.
> I have tried using Domain\username and just <username> to no avail. I
> have configured the firewall between the FE server and the new BE server
> to match the sttings for the old BE server so the firewall should not be
> an issue.
> Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.
> Adrian

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