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  • Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 09:49:56 -0000


Our environment is NT 4.0, Exchange 5.5, and Outlook 2003. I am producing a
technical note for our internal support staff, and have identified the
following steps as 'best practice' for transferring Exchange mailboxes
between sites (when Move Mailbox cannot be used);

1.      Create new mailbox on destination server.
2.      Set alternate recipient on source mailbox to redirect e-mail to
destination mailbox (after waiting for scheduled replication to occur so
that the new mailbox is visible in the address book).
3.      Exmerge data from the source mailbox.
4.      Initialise the destination mailbox in the information store.
5.      Exmerge data back to destination mailbox.
6.      Remove SMTP address from source mailbox and add to destination
mailbox (after waiting for scheduled replication to occur to eliminate
errors stating that the address already exists).
7.      Reconfigure the MAPI client for the end user to point to the new
mailbox or recreate profile if user has an offline OST.

Step 7 is down to experience with users reporting synchronisation issues
following mailbox transfer. Support is restricted from forcing manual
replication (Step 6), and requires an admin with further permissions to
perform this action. Is it better to create a forwarding rule within Outlook
rather than configure alternate recipient (Step 2)?

Does anyone here follow the same, or a more efficient process?

Thanks in advance, Chris S

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