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  • Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 11:05:15 -0500

I am hanving the same problem as well , what I do is I do ipconfig
/release and ipconfig /renew , then it works . It seems it is something
to do with the DNS , I do not know why ?
 Still searching for an answer.


From: Lorie Gordon [mailto:lgordon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: Exit vs. Exit and Log off

I am having several issues with Outlook clients and it seems that
everything is resolved temporarily by doing an "Exit and Log Off" from
Outlook.  The issues do not resolve when doing a "Exit" from Outlook.
We are seeing 2 issues:

        1)  Users leave Outlook open overnight and when they come in the
next day they are not getting Internet email.  We do an Exit and Log
Off, Log back on and    the Internet email starts flowing in (we are
downloading Internet email from POP3).
        2)  Users open Outlook the next day and they receive appointment
reminders from previous days (appointments that they have dismissed in
the past) and they      do not receive new appointments until they "Exit
and Log Off".

Can someone tell me the differences in Exit Vs. Exit and Log Off.  It
the "Log Off" simply disconnecting from Exchange?  I have searched for
this topic and cannot find exactly what I am looking for.  Hoping
someone could increase my knowledge on this topic.


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