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Two scenarios play out here. 




Did you check your windows device manager to see if indeed the 2490UW
has been installed under Windows 2003 Server? If it has then what
Windows requires is a driver for your tape drive which you either get
from HP or from Quantum since they make the major drives for other




If the 2940UW truly needs a driver and Adaptec doesn't make one, chances
are no one else is going to spend the time and money into making their
own driver you will have replace the card with a Ultra 160 or 320
Adaptec card and start over. 







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According to (watch for wrap!)



There are no drivers, no inbuilt support in windows or any plans for a
driver for windows 2003.





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I am having a PCI SCSI Card Adaptec 2940UW, I need driver of this card
for windows 2003 server standard edition.

As my exchange server is on windows 2003 server and I want to attach HP
Tape Drive to it.




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