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There are a variety of flavors of e-mail from Exchange/Windows Mobile Devices
1) POP3/IMAP connections - self explanatory
2) ActiveSync - uses a scheduled interval (5 minutes is the shortest) to 
communicate to an Exchange source and pull down mail (kind of like POP3/IMAP.  
ActiveSync only lets you keep a certain amount of mail on the handheld.  
Usually 1 week max. 
3) Always-up-to-date (AUTD) - AUTD relies on SMS.  SMS bills can get REALLY 
expensive.  AUTD sees a change in a users mailbox on the server, and when it 
occurs, Exchange sends an SMS to your phone.  Your phone then calls into 
Exchange via ActiveSync method.  AUTD isn't supported on a lot of devices, and 
there's that whole SMS issue.  
4) DirectPush - This requires Exchange 2003 SP2 and Windows Mobile 5.0 with 
Message Featuer Pack upgrade.  DirectPush isn't 100% push at it.  It's 
basically your phone doing na Exchange over HTTP(S) connection using ActiveSync 
engines.  Your phone keeps a constant connection open with Exchange (using Data 
service, which you can usually get unlimited data for $15/mo on most phones in 
the USA).  Your phone sends pings to Exchange, and Exchange holds that request 
until the heartbeat expires.  If there is no mail before the heartbeat expires, 
the device sends another ping.  If there is new mail before the heartbeat 
expires, Exchange tells the device there is a change in the mailbox.  The 
device then sends a message to Exchange that says "send me those changes"
DirectPush doesn't offer any security except wipe handheld and password 
requirements.  You have no way to lock down every aspect of the handheld like 
you do with BES and BlackBerry devices.  It uses an SSL connection (if you set 
it up that way), so the general communication is secure, but your phone 
*constantly* has a data going back and forth (remember those pings) which is 
far less secure then the way BES/BlackBerry's work.

I love some of the Windows Mobile 5.0 phones, and I offer DirectPush to users, 
but we do not support it.  Users can screw up their phoens WAY to easily, 
because I have no way to restrict what they do.  This means far too much 
support for the help desk to have to deal with.  

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Thanks guysfor all the information. And Chris, why do you have all 3? Anyway 
this is the deal. I have supported BES, and have implemented OMA - that is 
activesync exchange 2003 right? My understanding is that active synch is not a 
push technology but pull, you have to get on the internet to retrieve your 
mails? I might be wrong, hence the reason for all the research.
This company wants to bring me in cos of my Exchange / messaging experience. 
They would be looking to implement some sort of mobile mail technology. Now I 
would be required to do the research and then present to the business, what in 
my opinion would be the best option. BES is a tried technology, but only 
limited to Blackberry devices, I think they are looking for solutions that 
would enable existing mobile phones receive and send mails. So not quite sure 
which way to go.
Hope my situation is a bit clearer.
Chris Wall <Chris.Wall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

        I have BES, Goodlink and ActiveSync for Exchange 2003 running in my 
environment (I am the only admin for all three of these solutions for our World 
Wide Org and it can be a pain in the a$$ sometimes)
        If you have specific questions, let me know.  There are many 
differences between the 3, but all have their pros and cons.
        If cost is a concern - go Active Sync
        I will let you know this - 
        Goodlink will support many device types (windows mobile and palm OS 
        BES will support Blackberry devices and now has just released support 
for Treo 650 devices (with Cingular).  
        ActiveSync has a windows format that will be more familiar to your 
users and cut down on support calls (and most third party apps are designing 
solutions for these devices over PalmOS and BBerry)
        Also, keep in mind this - You want to investigate security/virus 
solutions for whichever solution you go with.  Right now, most vendors only 
support Windows Mobile devices.  Although Goodlink now offers an in-house 
security/virus solution for mobile devices that you can purchas.  Blackberry 
has no third party Virus solutions (that I can find). 
        A couple of interesting security/virus vendors to look at while 
considering your choice is F-Secure, Mobile Armor and BlueFire.  F-Secure 
provides Security options, but you have to purchase a McAfee or Norton solution 
to work with it for Virus' control.  Then you have the whole issue of deploying 
updates over the wire vs. requiring the device to be tethered to the user's PC 
for updates.
        Long story short - you will have to do a lot of research to get the 
answers you seek, and depending on your environment, you will choose 
differently than others on this list...
        Well so long for now and let me know if you have any specific questions 
(including why I have all three in my environment)

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        We are currently using Good Mobile Messaging.  It offers a more stable 
mobile messaging platform and support for more devices, including all Palm & 
Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) devices.

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        Subject: [ExchangeList] Alternative to Blackberry Enterprise server
        Hi Guys,
        I understand that this is not strictly and exchange question, but need 
your help. I am currently look at alternatives to BES, and what the basic 
difference between Exchange OMA and BES are. I need as much concise information 
on this as possible, as I am going to read thru and recommend to the business.

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