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If it's a small business environment, Postini and others work great.

If your a Large Enterprise or Medium size Enterprise and have well trained 
Email administrators , in my opinion a hardware based appliance is a better 
solution. I also prefer to not have a third party company have the ability to 
queue my CEO's, Executive Staff, and Stock department's email. I am also not 
sure if a hosted solution meets Sarbanes Oxley compliance as one is required to 
archive all mail that is related to finance for a period of 7 years, " there 
after all debts are forgiven ".

Take a look at:

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Dear all, 
   what are the binifits that I will get using Exchange Server 2003 using
a Smarthost. instead of hosting my emails at a web site and use a webbased
email software on that site.

I need to see the benifits of that.

Best Regards

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