Re: Exchange stops server shutting down correctly.

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  • Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 17:17:15 +0100

Hi Darryl

Sorry for the delay in replying. I have only just received this. I raised an 
incident with Microsoft and it is not a fault. It is to do with the way Windows 
shuts down. Look at TechNet articles 203878, 146092 and 246287.

Basically Windows sends out stop commands to all the services upon receiving a 
shutdown request. One of these is to the Exchange System Attendant. This in 
turn sends a shutdown request to all the dependent services. Thus it then waits 
for 10 minutes for the Information store to report is has shutdown while 
waiting for the Information Store to report the fact it has shutdown. However, 
because the Information Store service has just shutdown it cannot report back 
to the System Attendant and hence the System attendant never reports back the 
core OS. This in turn means you wait 10 minutes and then the system is forced 

That is my understanding of it. There are two ways around it. The first one is 
to write a log off script that manually stops the SA from within the GUI when 
shutting down. This of course has one major problem if security is an issue. 
You won't be able to logoff without stopping the services. The other way is to 
edit the registry and amend the timeout but this could lead to corruption of 
the IS if the time period is too short. Of course another option is to always 
stop the services before shutting down or rebooting the machine.

I am not totally happy about this and feel this is one area where Linux (I hate 
Linux in case you are wondering) is better than Windows as when it shuts down 
it displays on the screen exactly what it is doing at every stage.

Hope that helps. Please don't hesitate to get back to me if I can help you 

Bye for now.

Paul Lemonidis.
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  I am currently have the exact same problem with the long shutdowns. I see you 
posted your message a few days ago. Have you had any look finding an answer. 
The server would reboot fine before installing Exchange.


  History >> I am running Windows 2003 (gold code) but have also seen the 
problem with Widnows 2000 install. My server is a Dell 1400 SC with dual PIII 
1GHz processors and 768 MB Ram. I have the Dell Perc 2 (dual) raid controller.


  If you can shine any light on the matter, it would be greatly appreciated.



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  Subject: Exchange stops server shutting down correctly. 

  Dear all 

  I appreciate that Exchange 2003 is very new and that this 
  may not be the right forum but I have a problem and hoping 
  perhaps someone can help me please. 

  If I do not stop the Information Store on my new Exchange 
  2003 machine prior to rebooting it (Windows 2003) the 
  server takes 10 minutes to shut down before even 
  rebooting. If I stop the IS first it takes about 2 
  minutes. Has anyone got any ideas please? 

  Many thanks in advance. 


  Paul Lemonidis. 

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