Exchange server migration

  • From: "Albert Charron" <acharron@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 10:27:27 -0400

Hi.  I need an advice on a server migration.

Here is my situation.

I actually have an exchange 2000 server in site B and all my users are in site 
A.  I want to set up a new server with Exchange 2000 Server and move exchange 
data from site B to site A.  After migration, I want to turn off site B's 

Data currently on site B's exchange server is mailboxes and public folder (very 
large folders).  Currently, both sites aren't in the same organisations.

My questions are:
- What are considerations I might thing about?
- What tools do you recommand me to use?
- Is there a procedure on how to do the migration?

Maybe another question on this.  What kind of hardware (CPU speed, memory, Hard 
drive space, etc) my server must be?  I have about 20 users connecting through 
a mapi client (Outlook 2000).  Our corporate databases are stored in public 
folders and users use them a lot.
Albert Charron 
Trisotech Inc.

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