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Will Exch 5.5 continue to function if I only upgrade the PDC for now? It is
the only NT server that is capable of running Win2k at this time, so I will
not be upgrading the other servers for a few weeks at the earliest.....

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Upgrading the PDC as mentioned with Win2K initial installation causes
Windows 2000 to function as a PDC emulator.

Depending on the number of users you have on your EX5.5 box (I assume you
have one EX5.5 server only) you essentially have 3 choices:

1. Performing an upgrade in place of your EX5.5 server (after upgrading the
box to Windows 2000) OR;

2. Installing a brand new box with a fresh copy of E2K Server (in the same
site) move mailbox between servers. (ADC will be required in this
instance) OR;

3. Depending on the number of users (we had 120 users and did this) - we
created PST files for each user over a weekend.  We fully trashed the old
NT4 box including Exchange 5.5.  Re-Built our machine with Win2K as the next
DC, GC etc  and installed a clean copy of Exchange 2000 (without ADC) then
set E2K in native mode whilst still running AD in Mixed mode. We then
imported all users' PST files.  The only thing to condider is that if a user
replies to an old email they will have to re-select the recipient from the
GAL. We took the time to set up our AD properly etc.  This is a longer
process but it provided us with a complete safety factor in that if we
screwed up big time, we still had our users email. Of course none of this is
in the text book and the reason why we did it was because upgrade in place
of EX5.5 failed many times in our test lab.  It made sense for us to play it
safe. The other reason we did it was because our server really needed to be
cleaned up and slightly larger disks added.

I recommend that you set up a test lab and prove things for yourself.


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