RE: Exchange server 2003 RAM utlization

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   Here is what I do and it works great for our organization...


(You can run the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer on your server - be
sure to obtain the latest version - and it should verify that you need
to edit your memory settings)


1.      Verify that you have implemented the /3GB switch and the /USERVA
switch on your Exchange 2003 server

        a.      Refer to KB 815372 and KB 823440 for this information -
read the KB articles carefully!
        b.      The /3GB and /USERVA switches should not be used on
Bridgehead, Front End servers, or on DC's that have Exchange installed
on them

2.      You can utilize up to 3 GB of Ram on the exchange server - More
will not help.  I would recommend that you have 3 GB's of ram on the
3.      I have created a separate Drive for Page Files on all of my
Exchange servers.  I set up the drive space for 5 GB's (P: Drive) and
then manually setup the server to use this drive space for the Page

        a.      This is done by opening the properties of 'My Computer'

Advanced Tab

Under the 'Performance' section, click 'Settings'

Under the 'Virtual Memory' section, click 'Change'

Select the new P: drive (or the 5GB drive space that you set up
specifically for the Page File) and select custom size.  Set it for
'Initial Size: 4096 and Maximum Size: 4096'

Click Set

Select the C: drive (or wherever your current Page File resides) and
select 'No Paging File'

Click Set

                                                         viii.      Exit

Reboot your server for the changes to take effect


Hopefully this will help your performance.




From: Praveen Ramaswamy [mailto:ramaswamy_praveen@xxxxxxxxx] 
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To: [ExchangeList]
Subject: [exchangelist] Exchange server 2003 RAM utlization 



I am using DELL 2850 dual CPU system Xeon, 2 GB RAM,with RAID 5 for
databse storage and RAID 1 for mirroring. I have exchange ent 2003 with
sp1 on windows 2003 ent . I have around 4000 mailbox on this. 


most of the time Page file utilization will be 2034 Mb out of 4 GB

most of the time RAM utilization will be 1.5 GB out of 2 GB RAM (500 MB


Is it recommended to increase the RAM from 2GB to 3 GB or 4GB ?? Can you
please advice.



Praveen R


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