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Hi Michael,
Thanks for your reply. Good question - I am considering a defrag because users mailboxes grew dramatically and now they are deleting unnecessary items and relocating attachments to the file server. A dozen GB's or more will be removed.
If we do move to a different storage group, will any user mailbox settings or delegate permissions be lost?
On 11/15/07, Michael B. Smith <swngdnz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The first question I would ask is: why do you want to do a defragment?


Will you recover more than 30% of storage space? Have you been advised to by PSS?


If not, then I wouldn't bother. Taking Exchange offline to do a defrag, without a good reason, is just a waste of time and processor cycles.


Besides which, given sufficient disk space, doing a move-mailbox to a new storage group is MUCH less intrusive.


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Any idea how long and how much disk space I will need to offline defrag the following platform?


Server: Xeon 3.6Ghz, 4GB RAM, RAID 5 on 4 15K RPM SAS drives

Exchange Server 2003 SP2
Primary Storage Group = 90GB
Secondary Storage Group = 15GB





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