Exchange now supported on virtual hardware

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Hi Tony, 

I have to respond to this. Many IT managers think you can just virtualize any 
application because of all the marketing hype. Be very careful, I/O is critical 
to Exchange and any other database application which may make running it on 
VMWARE or VIRTUAL SERVER unpractical not to mention Exchange is also very 
resource intensive and will take whatever it can. Now I am sure if you have a 
very small environment that it may make sense, but with Microsoft Small 
Business server why would you want to?

Any body else car to throw in there two cents?

Jose Medeiros
ADP | National Account Services
ProBusiness Division | Information Services
925.737.7967 | 408-449-6621 CELL


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Microsoft has introduced support for Exchange 2003 SP2 and later on Virtual 
Server 2005 R2.  This article has just been released.;en-us;320220
I guess this means we can now run a DC and Exchange on the same physical 
hardware without any of the previous limitations.

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