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  • From: "Brian Harris" <bharris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 06 May 2003 17:10:53 +0930


Thanks for the info and I respect your answers.  

I believe we can all learn from keeping and creating good documentation
on Licence's and keys properly to protect our businesses and the

Most customers who are un-licenced, is normally due to poor admin by
themselves or their IT partner..



>>> johnlist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 6/05/2003 3:55:02 pm >>> 

> Brian is technically right. I mean, I can go ahead and install 500
> on a server even though I only bought 5 CALs... Doesn't matter what
> CD Key says. For the most part, its on the honor system... although
> is known for doing audits.

CALS have nothing to do with a Server license key per say for install
purposes in regards to this discussion. The question is regarding the
server install, which is auditable. And yes, unless there is an audit,
are basically on the honor system.

> This was a genuine request and the customer is fully licenced.

Still not something to be asking on an open public forum. If MS wanted
to be
a stickler, you could have a problem. Personally, I must see and make a
of the actual license and key to place in the clients' safe file in my
office. Part of the reason is that in the worst case scenario, I can
that the client provided me with proof of legal right to install. 

> By the way a CD key is not a licence!  For those who had a paddy at
> request.

True, sort of. However, for example in VL, the key is specifically
to the purchaser. And there is specific language in the VL EULA
use of the key by any other entity for any other purpose than the
use for that specific key.

John Tolmachoff MCSE CSSA
eServices For You 

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