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Responding to several posts:

> What is ESM?

1. Have you bothered to do any reading about Exchange before you started
working on it?
2. Have you bothered to do any research on Exchange?
3. Did you even bother to read the recommended installation steps for

Andrew said:
>>> Yes Steve I have a firewall in at the office were I am working. However
>>> I as doing the OWA part from the local LAN.
Then Steve responded:
>> They are going to use OWA from the LAN??
Then Andrew responded to Steve:
> No No No Steve, the plan is to setup RPC over HTTPS. They are going to
> use the Exchange way over the LAN with Outlook and RpC over HTTPS the
> internet way.

HUH? What does OWA have to do with RPC over HTTPS? RPC over HTTPS has to do
with being able to connect Outlook to Exchange over the Internet without a
VPN. OWA is a web interface for Exchange.

>  This network is setup with 1 EX 2003 box, the client doesn't make
billions to afford 
>  both a front-end and back-end server.

1. FE-BE configurations does not take Billions of dollars.
2. FE-BE configurations are by far not needed in all/most configurations.
3. I know of lots of installations with just one Exchange server working
fine, because that is what their configuration uses.

> Btw. I deal mostly with small companies who can't afford to setup their
> servers the MS way, so in most cases everything ends up being installed
> on one box which I know is not very good.

1. There are different solutions for different circumstances.
2. Microsoft recommendations and Best Practices are the result of existing
installations and configurations.
3. If a client can not afford to have Exchange installed properly, they
should not be using Exchange.
4. You should not be changing the recommended configuration for Exchange for
the sake of convenience or necessity of an application on the same server.
Exchange must be configured correctly as recommended. The other application
MUST work around it.
5. I adamantly dislike ANY security product (such as AV software) that must
be configured and administered through a website with a known URL or partial

John Tolmachoff
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