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The general idea seems to be that since Exchange/SQL can be so heavy on
CPU and/or I/O that you may not be able to get any other VM on the box
aside from Exchange or SQL itself.  This will all depend on the working
environment for those applications and the type of storage you use for

That being said, there is a lot to be said about the DR that is offered
by VMware (or virtualization in general), even if you can only get 1 VM
on a physical box.  That VM is now hardware independent, makes for much
quicker bare metal restores from image level backups, resource
scheduling advantages, etc.


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Thanks. So it would be recommended to install both on physical boxes? I
have seen the document on MS not supporting VMware



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There is no harm running Exchange in ESX/Vmware environment


Only thing since it is high I/O operations application Microsoft will
not suggest to Install SQl/Exchange in Vmware Environment.


Note: If you have any problem with Exchange, Microsoft PSS will not
support you J




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Hi Guys,


We have an exchange 2003 server in a VMware environment. I am sure I
have read somewhere that it is not adviceable to run either Exchange or
Sql on VM's. Anyone got any documentaion / whitepaper to back that up,
or have I got it wrong.









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