Exchange and Instant Messenging question.

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        After the installation of Exchange 2000, and the rollover began, for 
the next two days, I had STORE.EXE pegged up to 100% CPU and roughly 90% of the 
total RAM in the machine was being used.  After the first day, I defragged the 
database, and after the second day, I started to cry.  Regardless, when 
STORE.EXE hit it's high's, Outlook users complained about long waits between 
clicking on an e-mail, and the e-mail to actually come up.  The server is only 
hosting about 40 e-mail accounts, so I can not imagine the users clicking 
around would cause this intensive CPU use.

        Any suggestions as to what I can check out?  The second day, I ordered 
2GB more of RAM for the server (yet to come in), but this has not happened 

        Also, after about 1 week of doing the same thing over and over again, I 
finally have instant messenging up and running.  The only problem is, one of my 
users can not login from their workstation (or any workstation).  They get the 
error message relating to the account not having permission to login as that 
user.  I have verified the settings, and everything is working, except this one 
account.  When I created another account for this user, they still could not 
login to Messenger, but when I created an account for another user, this worked 

        Are there any logs I can check besides the WWW logs?

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We recently installed Exchange Server 5.5.  We have Outlook 98 clients.

My problem is that when I send an email to addresses outside of the company,
the From information is left off.  I've sent email to an account on
(and others), and when that account looks at the email, the From is blank.
They are able to reply to the email fine, but when they are looking at the
list of new emails it appears as possible junk mail because the From is

Any ideas?  Exchange problem?  Outlook problem?

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