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I wouldn't recommend circular logs since if exchange crashes you would
lose all your data and restore usually be hard to perform.
I would recommend setting the option of Remove logs after 5 days.
My recommendation also is to redirect the Public folders to drive D: as
C: drive usually needs to have certain amount of space free.  Let your
users know that you can't have them putting 39 gig in mailboxes that
usually is slow, but you can create hierarchical folders and place
needed files there and map that folder to users (this would speed up
accessing information).
My problem was solved by redirecting the mailboxes to drive D:\ by the
way I learn something, never move logs nor exchange mailboxes to a NTFS
compressed drive using Exchange SP3.
Good Luck!
With Kind Regards,
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What about logs? Did u enable circular logging? What kind of backup do
you take and what is the frequency?
Have you checked the event viewer for online defragmentation? There it
may show some free space. If that is the case offline defrag of exchange
database will solve the purpose.
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Dear All, 
I have same problem with my space, I have 2 partition which is 40 GB
each, after the public folder in my company run for 2 month the space
used is growth in 39GB (free only 1GB) in C drive, but still 39 free in
D drive, it is make slow for everybody, I already ask every user to
delete the email in their inbox, outbox, sent item, etc.  But still the
free space 1GB, also in public folder we only store contacts, end when I
export to personal folder is only took about 500 MB, and delete the
content in public folder, it only make C drive free 1,5 GB. Where is the
rest of it? From C drive
My temporary solution I re partition the HD become c drive = 77 GB and d
drive 3GB and its back to normal (to make improve from the speed) - I
use win2000server sp3 and exchange2000 sp2
But I am afraid in the next 2 month it will fill up my HD space again.
Any suggestion?
Gatot Dwi Wachyu 

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