RE: Exchange Server Redundancy

  • From: "Tiago de Aviz" <Tiago@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 20:25:22 -0300

Hey there Zoran,


Looks like you made everything down to the word according to CA documentation. 
You didn't miss a thing. Do you have all patches installed? Check


Did you configure the scripts to run during and after failover? Check the 
sripts to see if BrightStor inserted the machine information inside correctly.


And answering to the question, no, that never happened to me. My setup, though, 
was a lot simpler than yours. Just one exchange store. I didn't restore the IS 
backup on my secondary, I just told it to replicate. If everything else fails, 
try contacting CA's support. It's a very good support service in my opinion. 
Oh, don't ask via e-mail. You have to call 'em.


Tiago de Aviz


(41) 340-2363 <> 


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From: Zoran Marjanovic [mailto:zmarjanovic@xxxxxxxx] 
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To: [ExchangeList]
Subject: [exchangelist] RE: Exchange Server Redundancy

Hi all,


Just to add a few words regarding CA BrightStore High Availability v9. I tested 
it on 2 Exchanges 2k (SP3) + AV client and AV filter. The net had 1 separate 
w2k (SP4) as DC and one client (W2k Pro + SP4, Outlook XP and OWA-IE6). I 
didn't use direct connection (they recommend Null Modem Cable). It was a bit 
tricky to configure Exchanges (2 desktops with the same hardware), it assumes 
you are starting with the new exchange environment and there is no other 
software on servers, and CA never replied to my question regarding Exchange 
configuration. Finally I configured exchanges. I installed one exchange, 50 
users, 2 storage groups and 4 stores on a separate partition, made some 
traffic-300 MB in all stores, configured the second exchange and restored IS 
backup on it, started all services and mounted the stores, tested it from the 
client-Outlook+OWA, installed CA software on both, had to change permissions on 
EMS-according to the explanations logged by BS HA after the protection task 
failed, synchronized them, started replication and everything was ok. Then I 
unplugged the first exchange (I had a hardware problem when exchange became 
unavailable, no ping reply, even it was up and running?) and the fail-over 
started. The second exchange stood in for the first one, the script started all 
services successfully, the computer name and IP address were replaced 
(spoofing), but it could not have mounted the stores (I repeated this 3 times, 
every time starting from scratch). Just to mention, after I installed the 
second exchange and tested it, I didn't make any additional traffic (which was 
a kind of help for CA) that means there was no data for replicating after the 
synchronization was done. I would ask CA guys what now, but as they didn't 
answer the first time I believe they won't do it the second time. In the 
documentation they mention the Open File Replication feature, but no details.   




Have you experienced this problem and have you tested the software and how? As 
you cannot start replication before you change permissions (it is not mentioned 
in CA documentation), I tried it over ADSI edit, without propagation, and I 
started the task (replication) successfully. Because the failover didn't work I 
did it again over ESM, adding Security tab and propagating the changes to the 
lower levels, but again, everything was fine, except the stores could not have 
been mounted. I tried to figure out what is going on troubleshooting the errors 
from app log, but couldn't have solved it.


Any idea? 




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