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We have the following running WinNT 4 + Exch 5.5, as well as McAffee
Groupshield anti-virus and OWA:
HP Netserver LC2000r:
Single P3-Xeon 700  (upgr to 2)
1.1Gb RAM
3x U160 36Gb 10,000rpm drives in RAID5
I have 60 mailboxes with around 40 active users...  No complaints and
processor and memory aren't under heavy load.
In your case I would definitely add more RAM and use a good quality RAID5 or
RAID0+1 system (IDE or SCSI, not much difference with Promise on the market,
as long as the drives are >7,400rpm)

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I am in the midst of getting proposals for an replacing my Exchange server
(hardware)  We run Exchange 2000 and I am having serious performance issues.
I am getting conflicting recommendations from different sources on how much
power I need.  I have 60 users accessing this server and probably need to
consider another 20 users in the next 1 to 2 years for growth.  We use it to
access webmail from remote sites as well as the corporate office.  
We were a start-up company that has grown quickly.  Because we watched costs
early on we used what would work without spending any extras.  Right now I
use a PIII 933 megahertz dual processors 512 Ram with IDE drives.  I have
had two consultant-types tell me that is my problem.  I have one consultant
type telling me I have enough power.  
I am considering moving up to a "real" server with dual 1.8 xeon processors
P4s, 2 gigs Ram, and 4 36Gig Ultra 160 SCSI Hard Drives w/ room to add more
drives.  One consultant says this is overkill while 2 other consultants say
this is what I need.  

Debbie Blackwell 
Cachet Homes 
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