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I have 160 users on a PIII-500 with 1gb and RAID-5 100gb.  Only a few
minor performance issues that we believe a second processor and a 1gb
enet nic couldnt solve.  
No idea what brand of equipment you have but I would definitely dump the
IDE's and get a machine that has hot pluggable scsi drives and some sort
of raid configuration.  
Are the consultants selling you the hardware?    
Who said there was anything wrong with overkill.  Its definitely better
than underkill because then you are usually just road kill.

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        I am in the midst of getting proposals for an replacing my
Exchange server (hardware)  We run Exchange 2000 and I am having serious
performance issues.  I am getting conflicting recommendations from
different sources on how much power I need.  I have 60 users accessing
this server and probably need to consider another 20 users in the next 1
to 2 years for growth.  We use it to access webmail from remote sites as
well as the corporate office.  
        We were a start-up company that has grown quickly.  Because we
watched costs early on we used what would work without spending any
extras.  Right now I use a PIII 933 megahertz dual processors 512 Ram
with IDE drives.  I have had two consultant-types tell me that is my
problem.  I have one consultant type telling me I have enough power.  
        I am considering moving up to a "real" server with dual 1.8 xeon
processors P4s, 2 gigs Ram, and 4 36Gig Ultra 160 SCSI Hard Drives w/
room to add more drives.  One consultant says this is overkill while 2
other consultants say this is what I need.  

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