RE: Exchange Server Database Move and Backup

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  • Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 18:27:07 -0700


Thanks for getting back to me.  Here is some more info:

I sent an email to John. 

I started with this company about 3 weeks ago with this situation - the D drive 
on the mail server is at its capacity (950 MB of free space left) with file 
corruption.  There is about 30 GB of free space on the C: drive.  I want to 
move the database over to C: on a temporary basis and run utilities to repair 
the database.  The company has purchased a new server and is looking into 
either Exchange 2003 Standard or Enterprise Edition (I am hoping they lean 
toward Enterprise).  The next step would be to install Exchange 2003 on the new 
server and move the mailboxes over from the Exchange 2000 Standard Server.  
Current OS on the old server is Windows 2000 Server Standard.  Regarding your 

Disaster Recovery Plan: We have a service that does on offline backup.  We 
would also would backup to tape prior to the move.

How Much is Email Worth? Priceless - very important to the company.

How long Can they go without Email? - we are targeting a weekend.

Temporary Server Solution - The company has purchased a newer server.  The 
current one is just too old.

Any other comments you have Danny are greatly appreciated - especially with the 
upgrade to 2003 on a new server.  My direct work # is 415-493-3246.



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Joe, also make note of John's advice:

On 4/21/05, John Tolmachoff (Lists) <johnlist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 1. Never ever ever even think of touching the M drive. None of us have any
> business touching it. It is a virtual drive for Exchange.
> 2. You do not want your database files on your OS partition. Bad Bad Bad.

Furthermore, Joe, what is your disaster recovery plan for this server?
 DR is not a matter of "if"; it's a matter of "when".

You should consider:

1) Increasing disk space elsewhere, rather than moving your Exchange
DB's to the same drive/partition that your OS is on.
2) Setting up a new server if your biz can afford it. A question for
the powers that "be" - how much is your email worth? How long can you
go without it for?
3) Setting up a temporary server to move the mailboxes to, then
re-configure your original server so that you have A) More space B)
Exchange and the OS on different drives.


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