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  • Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 14:02:01 -0800

        I recently inherited a small site with a single Exchange Server. The 
is a small business and they had purchased Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 way
back in 1997 but never installed it. Last year, they hired a consultant to
come in and upgrade the hardware on their single Windows NT 4.0 Server as
well as install Exchange. For incoming Internet email, they're using a
single POP3 account with a catch-all domain forwarding service to forward
all emails for their domain to this POP3 account. On the server, they have
an application running called POPCon, which retrieves all the email from
this POP3 account, parses the headers looking for the intended recipient,
and then hands off the email to the correct Exchange recipient via SMTP. For
outgoing email, they're using the Exchange Server native SMTP services to
relay all email to their ISP's SMTP servers for delivery. This is all being
done over an ADSL line with a Hawking Router.
        What I'm looking for from any of you is the following:

1.      Exchange Server 5.0, it's old and antiquated. However, the IT budget is
virtually non-existent, so upgrades at this time isn't an option. Any
suggestions on what I should do to ensure the stability and performance of
my Exchange 5.0 Server? It seems MS stopped at Service Pack 2 for Exchange
Server 5.

2.      Is it possible to add a disclaimer to all outgoing email messages in
Exchange Server 5 as I've seen posts illustrate for Exchange Server 5.5?

Thanks in advance.
                                                                Chris Thompson

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