RE: Exchange Server 2003 user list

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  • Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 12:28:55 -0500

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> Hi,
> > Should be able to get this info via AD, do you have perl 
> installed? I 
> > don't have a Exchange 2003 box but have put together some 
> perl scripts 
> > to do LDAP queries and I know there are specific modules 
> out there for 
> > AD.
> I don't have Perl installed on the Exchange server and it 
> might be problematic to install it at this point - are there 
> any other ways of doing these queries, and where can I get 
> more info on LDAP queries?
> Mike

You could do the queries from any workstation so perl doesn't need to be on
the server.
I have my linux box doing queries against my Exchange 5.5 box so I can check
for valid users and stream mail for my users spam settings.

Here is a link to some code put together by a member of the Mimedefang list 
Who is exporting addresses via AD query to then update accessdb on a
sendmail server.  

Perl LDAP homepage


Dave Roth's Perl books have some info, but I don't have them with me


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