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Seem your database is in-consistency state (both of PRIV and PUB), The
series of LOGs is tightly related with DB. Probably your Exchange crash
before XCH SRV make database to consistent state.
First thing - If you mine about data from last backup it might be you
madly to verify which LOGs is useable and whice LOGs file are useable
(if you have a little experience about XCH I suggest you forgot this
Second thing - STOP MSExchangeIS service, Delete all of Checkpoint file
and LOGs files. After that try ESEUTIL -p (Repair to fix your database
backup to consistent state, after that for avoid the version of Service
Pack Defrag it by ESEUTIL -d.
            Hope you're good luck.   
Best Regards,
Smith Mangmeetakun
S.I.T. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
TEL: 716-1166 Ext 328
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I have a really tough job at hands.
We had Exchange 5.0, installed at a WindowsNT Server 4.0 with service
pack 5 installed. The Information and Directory store were on one
partition of the disk and the logs were on other partition. The hard
disk failed. Unfortunately, there was no backup taken for 10 days. (No
backup at all!). Somehow, it was managed that the PRIV.EDB and PUB.EDB
could be retrieved from the crashed hard drive. Only these two files
were managed to be retrieved. 
PRIV.EDB is 3 GB of size and PUB.EDB is 1 MB in size. 
But the person at that time were not able to get it working. I have been
trying to restore the same.
What I have done?
1. Installed NT 4.0 with service pack 5 at some other machine (NT server
as PDC for some test domain)
2. Installed Exchange 5.0 on the machine. 
3. Stopped the Information Store service of Exchange and copied the
PRIV.EDB abd PUB.EDB file into the MDBDATA directory. In the MDBDATA
directory only these two files were left. All the logs were deleted.
4. Changed to exchsrvr\bin directory and ran ISINTEG -PATCH . 
This gives a warning: Warning, The Private Information Store could not
be found. Assuming -Public -Only
Now if I try to run the information store service, it terminates with
the sevrice specific error: 4294966095, which is described as  -1201
0xFFFFFB4F  JET_errDatabaseDuplicate      Database already exists
4294966095 in Microsoft references.
If I try to run "edbutil /d /r /ispriv /tx:\tempdfg.edb, then says,
operation terminated with error: 550.

                    edbutil /d /r /ispub /tx:\tempdfg.edb runs
I have found out the state of the PRIV.EDB. It is in the Inconsistent
I have no way now.
Could any of you guys help me!
Chand Deshwal (M.Tech CS&E,  MCSE, CCNA)
Network Administrator
Kampsax India Ltd., Gurgaon
ph: +91 124 6348259-62, Extn. 712
chand@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <> 
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