Exchange SP2 Upgrade Error

  • From: "Sian Clarke" <Sian.Clarke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 15:22:03 +0100

Hi People,


I'm trying to upgrade my clustered Exchange environment to Exchange SP2
following the SP1 instructions for deploying a service pack in a
clustered environment.  I'm seeing the following ID's while trying to
shift resources between my cluster nodes...


SYSTEM:             Event ID 1205 "The Cluster Service failed to bring
the Resource Group "EVS_MAILSERVERNAME" completely online or offline."

APPLICATION:     Event ID 1012 "Exchange Information Store Instance
(MAILSERVERNAME): The RPC call to the service to take the resource
offline failed." 

                        Event ID 1004 "Exchange Information Store
Instance (MAILSERVERNAME): Failed to take the resource offline." 

                        Event ID 1020 "Exchange Information Store
Instance (MAILSERVERNAME): Failed to take this resource offline because
of timeout." 


I'm running Exchange 2003 SP1 on Windows 2003 SP1 with an active/passive


Failover eventually occurred, (not before my zero downtime claim had
been queried by my boss with a few system tray glitches) but I'm
wondering if there's anything I can turn up in the diagnostics logging
to help track the problem down- there're no other significant events in
event viewer.  I haven't moved any further down the line with my SP
upgrade as I want to make sure things will come back online when I
proceed with the rest of the install.


If anyone could help it'd be much appreciated. :o)



With Kind Regards,




Sian Clarke
ICT Systems Development
Newham University Hospital NHS Trust
St Andrews Hospital
ICT Department
Devas St
Bow, London E3 3NT

T:  0207 363 9054
E:  sian.clarke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
W: <> 


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