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a)  In order to make use of the improvements in OAB 4.0, the Outlook 2003
client will need to have SP2 applied and your Exchange Servers need SP2 for
Exchange 2003.
b) SP2 is mainly performance improvements and some download issues.. ( a
nice readup on various OAB:

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Hi all,
I was reading through the release notes, as I am planning to install this on
our Exchange servers.  I noticed a few things:
a) The Offline Address Book has a new version 4.0, and it mentions that
Office 2003 SP2 is required.  Is this Office 2003 SP2 for workstations (user
computers)?  Or is this Office SP2 to be installed on the server?  We do not
normally install Office 2003 on any servers but it was not clear to me from
the release notes whether we need to download and install this on the server
b) What are the ramifications of user computers NOT having the latest Office
2003 SP2 update (and hence support for OAB 4.0)?  Will this cause any
problems?  Or will they simply be unable to use some new fancy OAB feature?
Will users start being bombarded with any error messages telling them to
update to Office SP2 all of a sudden?  Or will this mismatch be a silent
harmless affair? (Exchange 2003 SP2 on server, Office updates not up to SP2
on client computer) 
c) I also noticed that there is a new .NET 2.0.  Is this needed for
Exchange?  Is there any harm in installing .NET 2.0 even if its not needed
(i.e. Exchange uses older version of .NET)
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