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-------------------------------------------------------A couple things might be 
happening and your combining them together.
The first message suggest two things to me, they cannot do a proper
reverse DNS lookup on you or simply their server is down.  Telnet to
their port 25 and see if it answers.

The second certainly points towards DNS, maybe the DNS servers your
pointing at are no longer available, perhaps the far ends MX record is
incorrect, perhaps your MX record is incorrect.  Take a look at
www.dnsreport.com and investigate how your MX record looks as well as
the far end.

Here's a fair article to take a look at:


Hope this Helps,

George Taylor
Systems Programmer
Regional Health Inc.


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A couple of issues:
Some emails are not going out because "The remote server did not respond
to a connection attempt", and "Unable to bind the destination server in
DNS". How do I fix this problem? Thanks

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