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  • From: "Stephen Hartley" <support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 23:52:56 +1000

Maybe there are other underlying issues to look at? WindowsXP SP1 &
Win2k Server SP3 don't work very well together (to the point that I have
seen a machine take more than 1/2 hour to open a simple word document on
the server!) Items to check include (but are not limited to ) NIC's
(speed & duplex - force), protocol binding order, M$ patches (329170,
MS03-005, MS03-004, MS02-070, 292822, 331519, 815411, 811492, 810907, XP
SP1a, OL SP's)

I know that this doesn't answer your question, but it may help you get
some speed back into your network!

Stephen Hartley
Brisbane, Australia

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How does Exchange work as far as the clients are concerned?
I have two machines, which I believe are under powered but my boss
believes otherwise, that are slow
at receiving mail. It is only these two machines having problems,
everyone else is fine.
One machine is a laptop, P4 processor w/ 256MB of memory with WinXP Pro.
The other is a P2 400mgz w/ 256MB which is a desktop.
The desktop is slow at loading Outlook (the processor peaks out) while
the laptop shows no problems with speed.
Our exchange server runs a firewall as well as Norton AV and is a Compaq
Prolient ML330 G2, it runs ISA server as well.
We have about 30-35 people running Outlook at all times.
The problem is basically: These two people (especially the desktop) take
a long while (30 minutes) to receive a piece of email
that was sent in-house. For me, I receive it spontaneously however they
do not.
The time stamp on the email shows it was sent 30 minutes ago.
How would a single piece of email take so long to get from the server to
the desktop?
How does the Exchange protocol work? From what I understand it pushes
email to the client yet still keeps it on the server. Is their somewhere
I can go to read how it works? I tried google, but could not find what I
was searching for. :-/
If this person has a big (115MB) email folder size, could this be the
issue? If so, then why isn't everyone else effected?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

--Kenny Mann

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