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It seems u r not missing, but i have a Question ?
Is it Win2k3 Native ?  is there any trust relationships between forests? (ABC &def)
you mean to say you will be creating all the ABC.com  user objects as contacts in DEF.com?
Yes everything should work in this case....(MX record is there,Receipnent policy is in place,conatcts info is there)
Please correct me experts if am wrong ?
Thanks in adv

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I have a question...

Assume that a company is acquiring another company which has its own Forest and Separate Exchange organization. The SMTP domain ID for the acquired company is @ABC.COM and the Existing SMTP domain ID in this company is @DEF.COM. We have added DEF.COM to ABC.COM through Recipient Policies and have set DEF.COM as the primary address so that all the Reply to address will be DEF.COM. Now the requirement is all the mails which are sent to users in the recently acquired company should be relayed through the Mail Server at DEF.COM.


After setting up the proper MX records, is it enough if we have the contact objects for the ABC.COM users and a SMTP connector which will forward the mails to the mail server in the ABC.COM domain?  Plz advise if I am missing out something…



Regards, Mahadevan

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