Exchange Migration

  • From: "Arshi Jamal" <arshi@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 01:58:44 +0500

Hi all,

I would really appreciate if some one guide me of his experience. The
scenario is as follows...

Current Environment.
I have two domains, one of Windows NT 4.0 (Name "COMM") having only one
server (Name "MAIL"), which is PDC and MS Exchange 5.5 (with service pack 4)
running on it, all the mail users has their account on this server and there
is no on-line folder BUT Outlook web access is configured and some users has
some data residing in their folders/mailboxes.
The second domain is of Windows 2000 server and Active Directory is
installed on it. All users get authentication from this domain (Name ADSD)

The users accounts on both these servers are different, for example, Mr.
Jhon Smith has a user account "jhon.smith" on "COMM" domain and has user
name "jhon" on "ADSD" domain. Not all of the accounts are different but
about 40% accounts are different on both domains.

Now I have a spare server and I want to finish "COMM" domain and upgrade of
MS Exchange 5.5 server to MS Exchange 2000 server with full integration with
Active Directory WITHOUT LOSING ANY INFORMATION /DATA residing in the
mailboxes of different users.

I would really appreciate if some body has experience of this scenario and
share with me.


Arshi Jamal

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