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Email virus scanners like Antigen or Forefront can take care of it byt
Subject, Send, Etc...  However......
If a single person has opened that email you have to consider it
compromised, you have had a security breech.  Now is the time to put
your security recovery plan into place, everything that document
pertained to has to be evaluated and resecured.  If your publicly
traded, and being an insurance company I'm guessing you are, you need to
document every step you take to CYA.  Finally, actually this is the
first step, terminate the employee.
George Taylor
Systems Programmer
Regional Health Inc.

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Ok, this is a good one. 

An employee here emailed around to IT a confidential document that has
passwords, etc. in it.  We performed a message recall which was somewhat
successful.  Is there anyway to pull this attachment out of all of our
mail stores?  Maybe using exmerge?

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