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If you moved the logs to some other computer on the network, you will need
to put them back or else you will have to run eseutil to determine what logs
have been committed, and then move them to another drive, then run NTBackup
making sure it's a normal backup and that should purge the logs.
You can copy the logs back, but I wouldn't think that you will need them,
but it's a good idea to hold on them for some time.

Hope that helps

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I have an Exchange 2003 server and have been doing backups of the Exchange
store since I started the server about 2 years ago.  The middle of
December, 2005, my backups failed and I stopped backing up the store until
I purchased a new backup unit.
I noticed that my hard drive was filling up very fast.  I checked my log
files in the MDBDATA directory and the files were not being deleted
because I was not backing up .  I deleted several of the files to free up
about 3 gig of space.
I started backing up shortly after and noticed that since I restarted my
backups, using Microsoft Server 2003 Backup, I noticed that my log files
are not being deleted.  I still have log files that are going back to
December 20, 2005.
Any thoughts?

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